Beyond world-recognized spell bounding urban design and architecture, to awe-inspiring natural beauty and serenity, Chandigarh enjoys a reputation for bold flavors with many cultural influences. 
If you’re the kind of person who can’t see a bowl of ice cream without whipping out your smartphone, you’ll be in seventh heaven in the CITY BEAUTIFUL – Chandigarh. The place is a melting pot for dynamic cuisine – to leave you breathless with its exotic taste and luxurious dining experience!

But today, we will talk about the top gigantic food places that serve the world’s best taste on your plate! Chandigarh is a multicultural feast of flavors, from renowned Vintage Lounge Bar to reputed Le Cafe – Chandigarh has covered your taste buds gracefully to give an exceptional dining experience – you will cherish forever in your life!

Apart from this, the post will also guide some of the best hotels in Chandigarh that offer unrivaled hospitality services.

So now grab a cup of coffee and start scrolling.

Round the clock coffee Shop
With a podium of breathtaking scenery combined with modern furniture, this restaurant is all set to make your dine-out more cozy and memorable.

Whether you want to have a cup of Java or just aching for something special, Round the clock coffee Shop has everything in its kitchen to make your wish come true. They have mastered their cousins’ collection and offer a variety of foods on their menu – that too without burning your pocket.

And the best part, as it itself says, the place is open 24 x 7 to never let its lover feel leftover. Culinary highlights include Grand Buffet Breakfast, Buffet Lunch, and Buffet Dinner. Moreover, the uninterrupted view of lush green lawns and pool play a full role to complement the whole vibes of the place.

Vintage Bar
Food tastes better when you are in a Good Location.

Vintage Bar knows this little secret of life and made it real!

To be honest, words can never justify the beauty of this gigantic place! The restaurant truly complements its name with its award-winning interior and classic furniture.

No matter whether you’re here for a small coffee talk, family dinner, or romantic date, it will never fail to win your heart in the first place. They have some premium domestic and international beverages, signature cocktails, rare single malts, and well-matched eclectic snacks – plus some extra dishes that have roots in the west– the Barbecued oysters with chipotle glaze being one of them.

Rustles- A Multi-Cuisine Restaurant (Level 5)
Rustles is a gem when it comes to mouth-watering food and an exquisite environment – loaded with all good vibes.

They serve just more than food! Rustles serve good times, smiles, talks, and yes the feel of being special.

They have an exemplary menu of the Indian, Continental, and Italian cuisines to decorate your plate with something very exciting you’d crave to try more! Plus, you can have some of the best dishes of Punjabi, Chandigarh to Chandni Chowk, Arabic, Lakhnavi, Street food.

Final words
So these are some top places you can go without thinking twice! However, if you are looking for a hotel near Chandigarh that can offer both great hospitality and dining, look no further than Hotel Mountview! It’s one of the top-rated and most reputed hotels with unmatched amenities – that too within your preferred budget!