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Industrial Development

1. Construction and Allotment of Industrial Sheds
In the 70s and 80s, the Corporation was known as Chandigarh Small Industries Development Corporation. (CSIDC). One of its prime function was to construct industrial sheds for industries in Chandigarh. The corporation constructed sheds and allotted to entrepreneurs for 99 years on lease hold basis as per the policy of Chandigarh Administration.

The Corporation had constructed and allotted 548 sheds at a cost of Rs.4.95 crores. Now, no such activity is being undertaken by the Corporation. Over the years, this responsibility of regulating the affairs of industrial sheds as per the policy of the Chandigarh Administration has been entrusted back to Estate Office except for few industrial sheds which are still being regulated as per the allotment conditions to original allottees/GPA holders.

2. Steel Depot – Distribution of Iron and Steel to SSI units
Plot No. – 181/1-2, Indl. Area, Ph.I, Chandigarh.
Ph.91-0172-4644473/4644474 Fax – 0172-4644475
e-mail Id – ,

CITCO’s Sales Depot located on 2.5 acre plot on Chandigarh-Ambala National Highway started its operations on 24.10.1979. Sales Depot was set-up to facilitate sale of Iron and Steel raw material to SSI Units. CITCO procures material from main producers viz. SAIL, RINL etc. for onward sale to SSI units on margins.

Besides this , also functions as Small Scale Industries Corporations with distribution of iron and steel raw material to SSI/MSME units in and around Chandigarh. The major suppliers of iron and steel material to CITCO is by Navratna Public Sector Undertakings – Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) and Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited (RINL).

Sales Depot has its own yearly policy for distribution of iron and steel material to SSI/MSME units. CITCO is ranked as the first SSI Corporation as major buyer of iron and steel material in the country.

3. Managing SAIL’s stockyard as Consignment Agent
The Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) had its Steel Depot in Jalandhar. The requirement of Chandigarh used to be met from the Jalandhar Depot before 1979 when SAIL opened its new Depot in Chandigarh. The Chandigarh Depot was being run by SAIL itself. They decided to have a Consignment Agency in the year 1999 and floated tenders. The Corporation submitted its bid for the work of Consignment Agent and was allotted the work in the month of April, 2000. Since 1/5/2000, the Corporation is running the Depot as Consignment Agent of SAIL.

4. CITCO – Industrial Development Cum Facility Centre (IDFC)
Plot No. 182/40-41, Industrial Area, Phase – I, Chandigarh
Ph.91-0172-4644482, e-mail ID

IDFC was established in 1978 by Chandigarh Small Industries Development Corporation (now CITCO) with Grant in Aid from Industries Department of Chandigarh. The objective of IDFC is to cater the needs of SSI units in and around Chandigarh.

a) National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) Calibration Lab:
Thread plug/ring Gauges, Plain plug/ring Gauges, All types of Dials, Micrometers, Calipers, Depth Checker, Height Gauge, Pressure Gauges, Torque Wrench.

b) Mechanical Testing
UTS, Elongation, Proof Stress, Bend, Re-Bend and Stress –Strain chart of all materials, Coating Thickness. Dimension Test, Computerized Brinell Hardness Tester, Computerized Vickers Hardness Tester

c) Chemical Testing
Material like En Series, Spring Steel, Stainless Steel, Die Steel, Chilled sample of casting.

d) Tool Room
Lathe Machine, Shaping Machine, Milling Machine (Horizontal & Vertical), Cylindrical Grinder, Electric Discharge Machine, CNC Wire Cut Machine.

IDFC also has the following Laboratories:- 

a) Calibration Lab 

Facilities available for calibration of:-

  • Plain Ring/Plug Gauge
  • Measuring Pins
    Length bar
  • Snap Gauge
  • Go/No Go Ring Gauge
  • Thread Plug Gauge
  • Dial Indicators/Plunger
  • Dials/Lever Dials/ Bore
  • Gauges
  • Micrometers
  • External/Internal
  • Coating thickness
  • Height Gauge
  • Vernier Caliper(upto 600mm)
  • Depth Micrometer Checker
  • Pressure Gauges (Upto 1300bar)
  • Torque Wrench( upto 2000Nm)

b) Testing Lab
i. Mechanical Testing
• Universal Testing Machine (UTE-100)
– Tensile testing of bolts from (dia 12mm to 40mm) and length (50mm to 250mm)
– Compression Testing
– UTS, Elongation, Proof Stress, Bend, Re-Bend and stress –strain chart of all materials.

• Computerized Brinell Hardness Tester
– Load: 500 to 3000 in stages of 250 kgf, Test height: 380mm

• Computerized Vickers Hardness Tester
– Specifications: Load: 1, 5, 10,20,30,50 kgf,
– Test height: 200mm, Least count: 0.001

ii. Chemical Testing
– Spectrometer for chemical analysis of Ferrous Material

c) Tool Room
i. Lathe Machine
• Centre Height 200mm
• Distance Between Centers 1500 mm
• Variable Speed of Chuck 16-1000 RPM
• Thread Cutting mm/Inches

ii. Shaping Machine
• Cutting Length 600mm
• Max. Height of job 300mm
• Cross slide movement-450 mm

iii. Milling Machine
• Centre Height of Dividing Head 150 mm
• Longitudinal Travel 600mm
• Cross Travel 250mm
• Up/down Travel -400mm
• Spindle Nose Dia-160mm
• Shank dia MT4
• Arbour Size 27/32 mm and 1”

iv. Milling Machine Verticle
• Longitudinal Travel 600mm
• Cross Travel 300mm
• Up & down 300mm
• Boring Size 1mm to 100mm
• Collet available 5, 6, 8, 10, 12& 16 mm.
• Taper Shank Drill MT1,MT2

v. Cylindrical Grinder
• Centre Height 130 mm
• Dia-260mm
• Distance between centres-800mm
• Internal Grinding dia 15-100mm
• Internal Grinding Depth -80mm

vi. Electric Discharge Machine
• X axis 300mm
• Y Axis 200mm
• Z Axis 250mm
• Dies & Cavities

vii. CNC Wire Cut Machine
• Size of Job 400 x300x100mm
• Cut dies, Templates