We thank the foodie in our hearts to take our souls on a walk of culture. It is the culture that plays an influential role in the kind of food we eat. Therefore, a million notes of gratitude to the foodie we all have in us, especially when we visit a place filled with various cuisines. Read along to see the top restaurants must visit in the Chandigarh.

Round the Clock

This restaurant is the shiny jewel of the Hotel Mountview. Delectable cuisine served with a hint of Indian twist you get the world the on your plate. As the name goes, this haven for foodies has its burners on round the clock. Taste Continental, Mughlai and other cuisines here to satiate the foodie in you!

Vintage Lounge Bar

Travel back in time in this restaurant-cum-bar to experience classic chivalry over a glass of rich cocktail. Taste the signature delight of a single malt cocktail and get over a chat with your friends to cherish the memories years later. This vintage ambience of elegant chivalry matches with subtle snacks of savoury. Have them today!


The chic culture of the world is here to stay in your mouth for the rest of your life. Live the life of unique couture to get a sublime feeling of multiple delicacies. Get a feast on the chef specials of all the cuisines and redefine the way they taste. Feed on the authentic signature dishes from mainland China to the mouth-watering kebabs from the deserts of the Middle East where the authentic recipe is shining bright in the sands of time. Visit Rustle to treat your eyes to this carnival of international cuisines today!

Bazm Restaurant

The best place to get a unique taste of the culture for every formal gathering or fine dining event. Bazm serves over 80 cuisines from all over the world to respect the cultural heritage of a magnificent buffet that states the soul and spirit of the people from that culture. Settle down by the pool in order to surf the along with the eloquent setting of casual formality.

Cloud 9

How does it feel to eat your favourite cuisines from the top of fluffy clouds? The feeling is best described as awesome! This is the reason why we have our restaurant Cloud 9 at the top of a terrace. Eat as your heart wants and relishing the cuisine of your life here at Cloud 9. Taste the best of authentic Indian spices from each and every state. The finest cuisines from the shores of Italy are right here on the palate. These are the reasons why you can get the classical taste of the best Continental food.
The restaurants that you got to visit in order to treat the foodie in your soul.