A wedding is one of the most momentous days in a person’s life. Be it the amplitude of celebrations or memories worth a lifetime that are created, weddings are an unforgettable event for not only the bride and the groom, but their families and friends too.

The most awaited day of your life deserves a grand celebration, and we believe for doing so you will require a perfect venue as well, where there is an open area. How about a poolside lawn? Isn’t that exciting and is just going to be perfect for your celebration as it has a lot of open space. For a spectacular wedding experience, we all know that there are several factors to be taken care of but, the most important out of them is the venue. Your venue single-headedly can make or break your day. 

Searching for those ideal wedding venues in Chandigarh can be a big ordeal. With fabulous farmhouses and banquet halls on offer, it takes a seasoned and discerning look that can separate gold from the dirt.

But not to forget, In this time of the pandemic, maintaining hygiene during any social gathering is the most crucial factor for any sort of gathering. what matters the most is cleanliness of gathering venues. Proper security checks as per govt. & WHO guidelines and sanitization at regular intervals is a must especially in the common areas.

To browse for ideal wedding venue which is best suited to your needs and budget yet follows all pandemic guidelines takes a herculean amount of energy. But CITCO hotels in Chandigarh understands this very well, believing that weddings are meant for you to delve into dancing, food and festivities and that’s why CITCO has bouquet of venue options at its various properties across Chandigarh.

CITCO offers venues cater to your requirements and gathering sizes. The variety ranges from pool side lawn, small party halls to large banquet halls. Best safety protocols with supreme amenities and luxury on offer, wedding venues at CITCO in Chandigarh yield a heavenly experience.

All CITCO hotels strictly follow the guidelines of Covid-19. All the rooms and halls of the hotel are sanitized in a daily routine. It is cleaned using the best hygiene equipment before and after use by professionally trained staff. The body temperature of each guest is checked at the time of entry and after the proper screening, they are allowed to enter the venues. Finish by stating that CITCO is the best place to book for such dream events without a doubt.