Revered for its exotic nightlife and awe-inspiring beauty, Chandigarh is a go-go-go city to go for fun in the sun.

Widely renowned for its timeless lifestyle, wild night parties, bars, hotels, parks, museums, art galleries, and natural sites like Sukhna Lake, Rock Garden, Cuban food, and beautiful people, Chandigarh is indeed a wild and eclectic city – ready to fill you with some great fun. 

And guess what, Chandigarh is a city of chill weather. Chances are, despite what time of the year you decide to visit – even mid-winter you can expect light cloudy days, cold breeze almost daily throughout the year. 

This post is introducing some of the finest things you can do and visit to make the most out of your trip to ‘City Beautiful’ – Chandigarh. Follow this guide to plan, commute as you navigate around this sprawling city, or take a day trip to nearby points of interest.

So let’s begin the scrolling!

Sukhna Lake Boating

Words can’t describe what you’re going to miss if you are at Sukhna Lake and decide not to step into the lake in a boat. It‘s like leaving the theatre without watching the climax!

Loaded with some great views, boats, greens, and cute ducks, Sukhna Lake offers a great sight to the eyes. You can enjoy boating till sunset only that too at fine rates. Plus, you get a wide array of options to choose your boat with different capacities. 

Chef Lake View

No visit to Chandigarh is complete without a stop at this classic and timeless restaurant – chef lake view. Famous for its Mermaid – Cafeteria, the place offers some of the finest range of flavors to spruce up your dining with some lip-smacking dishes that are just enough to boost your mood.


What’s more? It is located just on the bank of Sukhna Lake allowing visitors to enjoy a breathtaking watery view while having some great platters. The restaurants also offer some of the wildest beer to let you shake your legs and soul both at the same time.

Double Decker Bus Ride in Chandigarh

If hop-on-hop-off bus tours tempt you and make your heart sing, Chandigarh is giving you a chance to fulfill this dream! Enjoy riding on hop-on, hop-off double-decker tourist buses to make your travel as thrilling as it can be. These buses travel from outside Hotel Shivalikview every day at different time windows like- 9 am, 10.30 am-noon, 2 pm, and 3.30 pm. 

You can get your ticket at the time of boarding the vehicle. Stops include the Rose Garden, Government Museum & Art Gallery, Nek Chand Rock Garden, and Sukhna Lake.

Final Words

Chandigarh has everything to make your heart and soul sing! Shop for the top designer’s clothes, makeup, fashion accessories, eat the best cousins, shake legs in the wildest bars parties, and enjoy the natural view of serene, life soothing Sukhna Lake. 

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So get set ready to pack your favorite outfits for the best trip of your life.