Are you searching for the best destinations for celebrations in Chandigarh? If yes, you may need to look at our list of places in Chandigarh that will keep your party alive.
Citco has hotels that provide arrangements for all celebrations, including birthdays, anniversaries, etc. You just need to call our desk, and we will give you all the details about the best destinations to celebrate and party.

However, before you call us, look at the best destination for celebrations in Chandigarh below.

1. Hotel Mountview

Hotel Mountview has cemented its place as one of the best destinations for celebrations in Chandigarh. This elegant hotel has many facilities for you to celebrate your special moments.

The hotel fills itself with several banquet halls that allow you to make memories for life. You can choose a hall depending on the number of people you have invited. For instance,

  • Ball Room elegantly organizes various functions such as weddings and receptions with 150 people. The separate bars and lounge areas are enough to win your heart.
  • View Point is a private party room for small receptions and business conferences with about 40 people. The hotel beautifully organizes parties to satisfy your needs.
  • Confluence is the perfect place to celebrate weddings, social gatherings, and receptions with a bigger guest list.
  • For even bigger parties, choose the outdoor options such as the Pool Side Lawn and Front Lawn in the hotel, as they can accommodate around 1000 people. The beautiful gardens give a delightful feeling to celebrating special occasions.

Hotel Mountview also has high-quality restaurants suitable for celebrations. These include:

  • Round the Clock Coffee Shop
  • Vintage Lounge Bar
  • Rustles (Multi-cuisine restaurant)

2. Hotel Shivalikview

Since Hotel Shivalikview is in the city’s business hub, it offers facilities like no other hotel. The hotel will exceed your expectations in organizing parties and celebrations. Let us have a brief look at the hotel’s awe-inspiring facilities.

Hotel Shivalikview provides many attractive banquet halls for people to use. Each is on par with world standards, ensuring you have a great time here. Some of them are:

  • Majlis is suitable for weddings, receptions, and conferences with around 500 people. The surrounding leafy lawns add to the ambiance of the banquet.
  • Adab Arz is optimal for weddings, receptions, and conferences with 100 guests.
  • Pool Side Party is for birthday parties, get-togethers, etc. Bring your family and friends here during the summers to beat the heat.
  • Rain Forest Hall is for parties looking for a ‘jungle theme.’ However, the accommodation limit here is 50 persons.

3. Hotel Parkview

Despite being a 3-star hotel, Hotel Parkview amazes people with its elegance. It is the destination for those who want more budget-friendly options. Let us look at different facilities in Hotel Park View.

The hotel has banquet halls suitable for weddings and reception parties. Options include:

  • Bandhan Banquet Halls are divided into two separate levels. The basement level can host up to 300 people, while the ground level accommodates about 400 people. Hence, it is suitable for weddings, exhibition events, etc.
  • Garden Retreat is best for the evening and wintery parties. Since Mount Parkview has brilliant chefs, you will always find a way back to the delicious cuisines.
  • Front and Back Lawns provide the ideal location to get the green ambiance. Make sure to keep your guest list limited to 250-300 people to enjoy here.
  • Party room is air-conditioned, providing suitable conditions for small parties. This room has all the luxuries you need for the perfect celebrations.

Hotel Parkview also has restaurants filled with positive ambiance and tasty food. You can spend time here with your friends and families to celebrate your special moments. The two restaurants in Hotel Parkview are:

  • The Palms
  • Palm Lounge Bar

Each entry in our list fills itself with world-class banquet halls and restaurants. Hence, you can rest assured that your celebrations will be a success in our luxurious hotels.