Luxury Hotels in Chandigarh for a memorable stay!

Do you want to feel a refreshing environment and enjoy scenic beauty? Visit of new place can improve your mental condition and you can feel happier. Therefore we are here to offer you the chance to relish your serenity with some of the best luxurious hotels while visiting Chandigarh. This is the phase where you may feel the need to take a break from your life. Therefore, have your stay at a few luxurious hotels today.

Hotel Shivalikview

A hotel that gives quite the view of this bustling city, this is a unique hotel that gives you the right sense of luxury for every second of your stay. Hotel Shivalikview comes with a big sign of flamboyance for every guest. During the time of your stay at the hotel, you are going to have a brilliant time.

Full luxurious amenities for your convenience we deck up the hotel according to the comfort of your stay. You get a strong wireless service to stay connected with the rest of the world. Rejuvenate your soul in the blissful and tranquil environment.

Chat with your friends at the Le Cafe over some classic South Indian coffee and continental delicacies. This hotel is just like heaven on earth as you get some from housekeeping to take care of your luxurious suite or deluxe rooms. Book your stay for your next trip to Chandigarh and relive the life of luxury!

Hotel Parkview

Hotel Parkview is the place where your mind and body can be at peace with one another. A small walk around the Garden Retreat when the Sun rises over the Shivalik Hills is all you need to make to be one with your soul.

Take a deep breath of fresh and moist air to feel the beauty of Chandigarh at one of its best times. It is the moment when the city air is covered with the shimmering beauty of misty mornings. Dine from the beauty of the Palm Restaurant perched at the rocky top of Shivalik Hills and end your day over some of the finest drinks with your friends.

The fancy outdoors of the 3 star hotel is fit for the relishing delicacies of multiple flavours from all corners of the globe. Dine at the Garden Retreat to get all of these savouries today!

Hotel Mountview

Hotel Mountview is one of the best hotels for a unique sense of luxury. Wake up in your deluxe room with a panoramic view of the Shivalik Hills. Work out as hard as you can or start with a morning that revitalizes you for the day under one roof at the HOX Gym.
Have your sumptuous meal from any corner of the world at the tables of Rustles. Professional chefs are always at your service to give fire up any delicacy you want to eat at any time of the day. Visit the hotel today for a wider of the service and live idyllic lives while your stay at Chandigarh!