The Perfect Destination for your event & celebrations with your loved ones in Chandigarh – Citco Chandigarh

2022 is knocking at the door. Have you planned for a New Year tour? If not, planning a tour to Chandigarh can be an ideal choice. Chandigarh, the epitome of beauty among Indian Cities, is situated in North India. The city is not only known for its earthly beauty but the adventurous spirit of the city Chandigarh attracts tourists from all over India.
Whether you are planning for an event or seeking a safe and silent home far away from the daily chaos of life; in this case, Chandigarh can be your ultimate destination. However, be it a family trip or any kind of religious trip, visiting Chandigarh can ease your ways of happiness. The predominant entity of nature and its soul invokes the utmost beauty that surrounds the hill station.

Where to stay in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, the city of Joy has lots of hotels and inns around it. World-class hotels and lodges are present in ample numbers. Suppose, you are someone who loves to stay among beautiful nature or loves to feel the warmth of nature while living; in this case, you can book your stay in the Hotel Mountview.

Hotel Mountview, one of the finest hotels run by The Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation Limited (CITCO), is attracting tourists from near and far. The Hotel features 24*7 coffee shops, Vintage Lounge Bar, HOX Gym, and a Multi-Cuisine Restaurant.
If you want to lead a lavishing life in Chandigarh or you are someone who wants to dine amidst nature, having your lunch on the Roof Top Restaurant of the Hotel Shivalikview can be a pleasing experience. This hotel is located within the city’s business hubs that include features for shopping and entertainment.
The hotel maintains outstanding service standards. The unmatched services provided to the visitors are really a matter of praise. Apart from all this, the hotel involves Bazm Restaurant, Le Cafe, Cloud 9 (the rooftop restaurant). This hotel is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to stay a peaceful life in Chandigarh.
However, if you are someone who wants to enjoy the privilege of a Garden Retreat, staying in Hotel Parkview can be your ultimate choice. This hotel can be easily accessible from all routes. The hotel is well known for its unmatched elegance and luxurious greenery. The hotel offers a clean and comfortable stay for the guests. The hotel features the privilege of a Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, Palm Lounge Bar, Garden Retreat, and Conference Hall. Any office or corporate meeting can be held here. This hotel can be the ultimate option for anyone who wants to spend hustle-free days in Chandigarh.

Final Note

Chandigarh is the cleanest and most lovely urban community in India. Make your stay happier with The Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation Limited (CITCO). Staying at any of these three hotels can get easier when you contact us. We are here for you to ease your stay in Chandigarh.