Safety Tips for Hotel stay in Chandigarh

Nothing feels safer than our home after the outbreak of Covid. For most of our home has become our office place, local café, and favorite go-to place. But just about a couple of years ago, all of it used to have different addresses. The hygiene and safety criteria have set the bar high when it comes to visiting your favorite places from the pre-covid era. Most of us are, quite reasonably, more skeptical about choosing a hotel stay in Chandigarh nowadays.

Besides the covid driven anxiety, certain other factors require you to take informed steps and follow guidelines to ensure you can enjoy a safe and satisfying hotel stay in Chandigarh. Here’s our list of tried and tested tips for a safe hotel stay in Chandigarh.

1. Know the safety precautions followed at your chosen Chandigarh hotel

To run a hotel accurately, the management needs to follow certain hygiene standards. It is even more important these days with covid-specific hygiene protocols given to hotel management. If you are planning a hotel stay in Chandigarh, ask them about their take on following the safety measures.

A reputed hotel will always follow the safety guidelines to make sure guests can enjoy a happy and safe stay. Additionally, they inform their guests about their efforts to match these standards. For instance, be it Hotel Mountview or Hotel Parkview, you can expect proper sanitation within the hotel area.

In addition, these hotels do maintain proper social distancing while serving the guests. Attention to incorporating the safety measures in service albeit helps these hotels to earn a reputation among guests.

2. Wear mask and wash hands

When in an open area within the hotel premises, please wear the mask properly. And we do not mean keeping a mask handy or keeping it hanging from an ear. It’s crucial to important to wear the mask properly and wash hands frequently to avoid the risk of contamination as much as possible.

It’s important to understand that you are still amid a pandemic and one of the most effective ways to control further spreading is to maintain hygiene and practice social distancing. Most of the hotels have made it compulsory to use masks within the hotel premises.

For example, Hotel Shivalikview has specially directed its staff to monitor whether guests are following covid guidelines. Additionally, they assist guests to enjoy a safe hotel stay in Chandigarh while following the covid safety guidelines.

3. Research their reputation

To enjoy a safe hotel stay in Chandigarh, it’s important to know the reputation of the hotel and what people have to tell about them. The best way of doing this is to check their reviews online. These will give you a clear idea of their operational principles and efforts to serve their guests. Few factors worth checking here include –

  • Do they ask for identity poof from guests and record these data properly?
  • What emphasis is given to the privacy of the guests?
  • How efficient are they in fulfilling the distinct needs of different guests?

In case a hotel claims to perform credibly on these grounds, the reviews will definitely reflect that. So, check for their reviews and what people are saying about them online to ensure you can enjoy a safe hotel stay in Chandigarh.