Breathtaking Places To Visit In The Monsoon Near Chandigarh

Monsoon = Rain = Happiness

Out of all the seasons, Monsoon is something that turns things live instantly! Something that draws out the childlike wonder, laughter, dance, and wallflower nature that resides in all of us. There is no wonder why poets just wait for this season, to pen some masterpiece of their creativity. Rain brings positivity in ourselves and excites us to live all those desires that are left unlistened somewhere deep in our hearts.

The pearl-like raindrops, damp smell of the rain, the mesmerizing, the sight of dancing trees, the sound of the raindrops reaching the ground with full gusto and endless clear skyline after the rain- isn’t is sound like a beautiful dream that has all beautiful things in it.

And when it comes to Chandigarh – ‘the city beautiful’, there is no more perfect pair than stunning monsoon + beautiful city – Chandigarh! They just both complement each other. Chandigarh offers just the right kind of delights in abundance to make your monsoon not less than a festival for you! If monsoon excites you to live more, go outside and create some lasting memories with your loved ones, this post has some great deals for you!

But before we discover what those deals are, let’s reveal:

Why Is Chandigarh The Best Place To Witness The Monsoon In India?

  • Spectualir weather: Chandigarh has mind-blowing weather that is neither cold nor hot! Just perfect for stepping out and feeling the rain
  • Hub of Beautiful places: the city has some of the most iconic places to visit in the monsoon. And the best part, there is hardly any chance to find long queues anywhere you visit
  • Affordable Hotels: The city is home to some of the most reputable hotels like CITCO group hotels that are so easy to your pocket.
  • Killer Green View: Chandigarh is all hugged by the green foliage around to give you some eye-soothing scenery.

Go For A Rainy Drive-In Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh

This is something that just can’t be expressed in words! With music blaring from Bluetooth or the radio while having your favorite person behind the wheels, you just can feel the seventh heaven in no time! We bet you, you will love traveling in the rain! Just pick the nice road for your long drive. However, if you do not want to travel to the Parwanoo side, how’d Morni hills be?

Relish delicious and lip-smacking food at CITCO Hotels

Food becomes tastier in the monsoon! And nothing is a more perfect option for dining and those monsoon cravings than CITCO hotels. In fact, CITCO offers a special monsoon food bonanza to celebrate your days like no other! Visit any of their hotels be it – Hotel Shivalik View, Hotel Mountview, or Hotel Parkview and you will love your decision and of course COSTCO’s special monsoon menus!

Go For a Walk at Sukhna lake

If a long drive is not your cup of tea, this is something that can drop your jaws extra wider! Nothing would be more perfect than Sukhna lake if you’re planning to get wet in rain. Plus, if you’re having kids, they too can join you on this epic adventure. And yes, walking in rain with an empty stomach is not fun, so make sure you first visit Chef Lakeview to have some great taste for your taste buds. Chef Lakeview is just on the bank of Sukhna lake with a fine price list and ample seating arrangement hugged with the scenic view of specular Sukhna lake and ducks.

At last, here is a small reminder! If you’re planning to click some monsoon clicks, do not forget to bring a WATER_PROOF camera with you! Feel free to contact us for your best monsoon booking! We have some attractive packages for you!