Find The Perfect Gateway To Spend Time With Your Family & Friends


Let’s face it—managing work and life in today’s world is a daunting and nerve-wracking task! We never realize how rapidly our days pass us by in the blink of an eye while we struggle to tune in our both worlds to steal some relaxing moments with our loved ones and dear ones.
If you feel the same and find it challenging to nail it in both professional & personal life, this post tells some of the finest ways to make the most out of your life while not compromising with your personal and work life.

So let’ dive into it!

Go for a Dine

So we all have grown up hearing that money can’t buy you happiness, but spending some bucks over a good dinner under a twinkling roof of one of the CITCO hotels with your love of life can simply break this saying in seconds.

Remember, food is the best way to make your mind & soul sing both at the same time. And the best part, you don’t have to pick between your work and dinner!

So book your table at Hotel Mountview and let’s have some cheerful talks and laugh tonight!

Plan a short Trip

You can plan trips on your weekends to break the casual boredom of life! It is a great investment to refresh your mind! And if you’re not in the mood to travel to any remote place, simply book a stay in one of the reputed hotels like Hotel Shivalikview and have some great time there enjoying lip-smacking food, cloudy view of the city while sipping coffee at Cloud 9.

And guess what, discounts are raving for all menu list for Cloud 9.

Go for a Boating at Sukhna Lake

Water has its own charm that it can calm down your puzzled mind at first sight! And what can be the more perfect location than thrilling and breathtaking Sukhna Lake – packed with all beautiful surroundings. The vibe of this place simply cannot be expressed in words. And the best part, despite how many times you have visited this area, it gives you an entirely new experience every time you step there. And how can we forget to mention the delicious food of Chef View! Imagine enjoying your favorite food layered with all exotic flavors while enjoying the natural eye-pleasing view of Sukhna lake loaded with boats – Isn’t it priceless!

The quintessential part, everything here at Sukhna Lake is so easy on your pocket! Be it boating or food, it won’t make your heart wrench while paying! What else you could wish for!

Final Words

‘Build traditions of family vacations and trips and outings. These memories will never be forgotten by your children.’ – Unknown

Needless to say, Kith and kin are the blood of life – without them life is lifeless!

And the same has been proven by many research studies that spending time with friends and family can impact your professional productivity while leading you to a healthy lifestyle and mindset to achieve more, to grow more, and to win more.

So if you’re also looking for an escape to kill your routine boredom without burning your pocket, check out the CITCO hotels to get some exciting weekend plans to hit the beat. Psst…psst! CITCO is running a great line of exciting offers this monsoon that can make your heart zing! So check out now!