Find the Best Place for Your Business Meeting in Chandigarh


We live in a hyper-connected, fast-paced, and digital era. Since the last few decades, everything has changed and so have the business meetings. Client meetings are an indispensable part of the business that helps extend your venture to new heights.

While you can meet in your or their office, sometimes it’s great to break the traditional chain and get away from the boring conference halls and talk shop over a table of nice meals or a cup of coffee.

Nowadays it is becoming a new business trend that many corporate professionals have started admiring. However, it is always important to choose the right location with everything as aligned as expected for a perfect meet. The thumb rule when picking a spot for a business meeting is always going with a one enriched with a sophisticated interior and all gentle vibes. 

Fortunately, there are zillions of handsome restaurants and coffee shops in Chandigarh with plenty of serene and unique interior, comfortable seating, reasonable noise levels, spectacular quality caffeine options, and also good prix fixe food menu for meat lovers to vegans to Paleo-items, attentive staff in case you decide to hang out for a while.

This post sheds light on some of the most desirable restaurants and best hotels in Chandigarh you can go for without thinking twice for a great business meeting!

Le Cafe
As long as you aren’t easily distracted by the spellbinding views, the coffee shop on the ground floor of renowned and prestigious hotel Shivalik view is just a gem space for both professional and informal hookups.

Easy to pocket, this beautiful coffee shop is open 24/7 hours and presents a rich fair of South Indian & Continental delicacies to make your meeting wonderful and memorable. The Coffee Shop serves delectable confectionery and other savories.

The prime attraction of this place that lures people the most is its dramatic and spacious white venue and central crystal pool that make this a beautiful dining space.

The best part, tables are spaced comfortably apart so you would not be bothered by the surrounding talks. Rest the creative cocktails and attentive staff is just the icing on the cake!

Round the Clock Coffee Shop 
Round the Clock Coffee Shop – a quietish spot with wifi and a lot of seating – is just a hidden gem! Operating all day long, this place offers the perfect blend of urban and suburban seating facilities for both business and personal meet combined with spectacular food and ample services. It has coffee for the workday, drinks for the evening, Wi-Fi, and plugs. In short, everything that you can think of for great business talk with your fellow digital nomads. 

The place is renowned for its specially curated cuisine that can be enjoyed at all times. Culinary highlights include Grand Buffet Breakfast, Buffet Lunch, and Buffet Dinner. 

What else, the stunning view of lush green lawns and pool give this place a rich luxuries look to create a solid impact for your expensive choice and taste.

Bottom line
The above-recommended places work just best for a business talk. However, if you are looking for something else you can perhaps find your expectations in one of the well-known CITCO hotels.