What You Need To Know About Staying In Chandigarh CITCO Hotels


Thanks to the hotel industry’s focus on security protocols, you can book your next night stay with confidence. We take full care of your safety. Hotel rooms, halls, and hotel’s every corners are sanitize daily. To welcome back guests, we’ve created a new clean safe guide. You and your family come here relieved and spend a memorable time.

Studying various measures will not only help you to comply, but it will also give you more confidence in your decision to stay in a hotel or resort. Now we should go out and roam around if we keep some distance, then we will be safe and can help others to be safe too.

If you want to be as safe as possible, you can bring your linens for an added layer of protection. If hotels and other accommodation facilities are transparent about their measures and are making an extra effort to keep everything clean, you should be okay. The one linen you may want to steer clear of, however, is the bedspread, which may not be washed regularly (this is true regardless of a pandemic).

During this challenging time, CITCO Hotels seeks to make each guest feel safe and secure. So we are following cleaning and safety protocol to address the health issues that are important to you while you travel. CITCO Hotels are providing disinfection and cleaning procedures to keep guest rooms and public spaces to the highest standard of cleanliness.

Use masks and sanitizers while entering the hotel and also avoid social distancing. Visit the hotel website before booking the hotel, and repeat the safety standards. By visiting the citcochandigarh.com, you can check the security guidelines of Covid-19, which have been decided by the government and we follow.

Hotels are in the hospitality business, and we have found a way to make guests feel completely comfortable and taken care of. Also, the measures of expected social distance have been implemented, as well as the limitations of the facilities provided. Apart from the basics, it is necessary to remember to respect fellow travelers, be aware of your surroundings and practice good general knowledge.

If you are ever unsure about the protocol, just ask. We provide special training to the hotel staff so that we can take full care of the health of our guests. So guests should never worry if they are doing something right. “It is our job to inform our guests well, and we continue our level of luxury by being a resource during this time. So you can be sure and enjoy yourself.”