Top Hospitality & Hotel Trends in 2021


The Indian Hospitality brands are now gearing up to ensure contact-less, seamless, and exceptional hospitality services to the guests in the new social distancing world. The new informed world consumer is setting new trends that are going to rule out 2021.

Meanwhile, evolution at the social level – a consequence in part of shifted values in the aftermath of the pandemic’s most acute phase and part of increased consumer awareness of all things sustainable and purposeful – has set new benchmarks for hospitality enterprises.

The topmost trends that have reshaped and are still reshaping the hospitality industry despite Covid-19.


Smart Rooms with Smart Controls


blog-imgFrom room key to personal entertainment during your stay-cation, everything is now accessible from smart devices. Imagine your room detecting light automatically or adjusting the brightness level, controlling temperature, and contributing to energy-saving while ensuring your luxurious comfort and stay.

You can enjoy contact-less room service using voice recognition technology or book your favorite spa session with a single click on your smartphone. Opulence, comfort, and exceptional room experiences are going digital in 2021.


Sustainability is going to be much bigger and greener


blog-imgThe positive side of worldwide lockdown is that nature has got the time to reboot and blossom. This has made us realize the true value of sustainable and Eco-friendly practices to save the life-saving planet. Maintaining the beauty of the environment through recycling and proper management of five living elements i.e. water, waste, energy, food, and structure, hotel brands in the new informed world are now committed to delivering sustainable hospitality experiences.

Hotels are using bare minimum artificial powers whether it is in the form of air, light, and water. Organic, vegetarian, and vegan choices are now leading the F&B menus. Hotels are going to bet high on solar energy to contribute their bit to energy conservation for future generations.


Mobile Check-in


blog-img2020 has set new trends in motion which are going to rule in 2021 as well. Contact-less check-in has become the new norm of hospitality and guests are willing to skip the front desk for check-in and other room-related queries.

These contact-less technologies are not only offering ease and safety to consumers but also helping hoteliers’ weather operational disruptions. Chatbots are ready to resolve any guest query. On the other hand, virtual tours and mobile check-in are ready to delight travel enthusiasts in 2021.


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