Essential Amenities Every Hotel Room Should Have


When you book a hotel, it’s not just about finding a place to sleep. It’s about providing yourself with a getaway, complete with the features that’ll make your stay a pleasant and memorable experience. Amenities have a huge impact on guest experience and by recognizing this you’ll be able to tangibly improve the overall guest experience – resulting in positive reviews, return visits, and ultimately higher profits. If you have a luxury property, providing budget soaps and shampoos will likely be deemed subpar by your guests. But if your target traveler is on a budget, the simple availability of toiletries could differentiate you. The room quality remains the number one reason travelers choose a hotel, so let’s focus on the in-room amenities that matter.

 The basics-


Assuming a well-kept, safe room at a good value is our baseline, let’s review the amenities most guests expect when they make a booking. Keep in mind, these will not differentiate your property, but not having them could impact your guest experience and result in less than glowing reviews.



Free Wi-Fi, ironing capabilities, telephone, hairdryer, safe, plenty of hangers, luggage storage, etc.



Air conditioning, blackout curtains, television, free toiletries, minibar, etc. Increasingly, amenities that once differentiated a property – sustainable practices, robes and slippers, in-room entertainment, signature products – are becoming expected basics.

New essentials for modern travelers-


Today people travel with more devices than ever before – phones, laptops, tablets—and expect to be able to use them easily and frequently during their stay. This has given rise to a new set of essential amenities that every property needs to plan to provide.

Fast, free Wi-Fi-


Whether you cater to leisure travelers who are uploading photos, Face-timing with family and streaming videos, or to business travelers sending emails and making video calls – it’s critical to have perfectly working Wi-Fi at all times, in all locations.

Charging stations-


With all those devices, your guests need to conveniently keep them charged. In addition to power outlets, add USB ports located near beds to accommodate guests who like to keep their phones nearby at night. If international travelers are frequent and desired guests, you might want to add universal sockets for added convenience.

Smart TVs and wireless speakers-


In the era of binge-watching and on-demand video services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, many guests now expect to log in to their accounts from a hotel room anywhere in the world and continue watching a favorite movie or series from the point they left off.

Another nice touch, recognizing that most guests have their favorite music loaded on their smartphones, is to provide Bluetooth speakers. This allows guests to easily control the music they listen to empowers them to create a familiar, comfortable atmosphere away from home.

In-room coffee and complimentary water-


With at-home capsule coffeemakers growing in popularity, many guests are delighted to find these machines available in their rooms. Even if your property offers room-service, the convenience of quickly and easily preparing coffee themselves enhances the in-room experience. Similarly, complimentary bottled water offered on arrival and available throughout their stay, is another amenity trend valued by modern travelers.

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