Tips To Stay Safe During Your Hotel Stay


Short getaways and stay cations have become a big rage during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though people have been asked to stay indoors and avoid stepping out, seasoned travelers are finding creative ways to make their travel plans work and are doing it with utmost safety. If you also wish to indulge in one such stay cation in a hotel for a change of air, you can make it happen. However, there are a few hotel safety tips that you must follow. Before even scrolling down to know more about safety rules in hotels during a pandemic, we suggest you do thorough research on the hotel or property that you wish to stay at. The safety and health protocols taken by the properties would define whether it is a safe hotel to visit for a stay cation. Accordingly, you must also follow the other hotel safety tips mentioned below.

Sanitize your hands every 15-20 minutes

The rule to sanitize your hands every 15-20 minutes has been initiated by the CDC and the WHO, two major global health organizations. So, you must adhere to the rules without fail. You can even stock up on your sanitizer needs from our Shopping page. To ensure the safety of the hotels, the staff also provides separate hand sanitizers. They have installed the same everywhere in the room. But just to be on the safe side, you should also carry a hand sanitizer.

Wear a mask in public Area

The necessity of wearing a mask in public cannot be stressed enough. Major health organizations have announced that a face mask is essential when stepping out. Many hotels are also incorporating the same health and safety rules. You must wear your face masks when you are in the hotel lobby or public space. It is one of the most important hotel safety tips that you must follow. Not just at the hotel but even when you step out for outdoor dining scenes with your friends and family, make sure that you’re wearing your mask till you reach your seat.

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Contactless reservations and payment

Conduct all your reservations and payment transactions online. Thankfully, InterMiles is just a download away as an app on your phone. You can peruse through some of the staycation options and even know more about their COVID-19 safety protocols. Depending on the facilities that the hotels are offering and how they plan to function while ensuring the safety of the guests, you can make your bookings directly on our website or mobile app. Once confirmed, you will receive all the necessary updates regarding your reservation. Further, you can also make online payments at the property itself. Or you can use a safe online payment gateway. Stay safely at hotels during COVID-19 and try to follow social distancing as much as possible.

Choose outdoor or in-room dining

Outdoor dining is a luxury you might not be able to afford due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In-house restaurants in hotels and resorts are open for business and have even started inviting guests over. However, if it is a closed space with an AC setting, it might not be the safest place for you to eat. Considering how hotels have people traveling from various places, the risk level is quite high. However, you can always request an outdoor dining setting at the hotel. A hotel safety tip that we would like to shell out is that you can call for in-room dining. Not only is it safer but also reduces the risk of being out in a public space.

Take stairs instead of elevators

Elevators and compact spaces might be used frequently at hotels. Although only three people are allowed in hotel elevators now, the fact that they lack proper ventilation makes it a little risky. Hence, to stay safely at hotels during the pandemic, it would be best if you could just use the stairs or escalators. You can request the hotel staff to guide you to the stairs and ask them to get your luggage to your room. Of course, they do disinfect the luggage at the entrance, but just for your peace of mind, it wouldn’t be crazy to carry a disinfectant yourself.

Don’t use the valet services

Time to stop being lazy and brush up on your parking skills. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is no surprise that your vehicles and your parking skills might have gone a bit rusty. However, if you are planning on heading for a stay cation at a safe hotel, you might want to do some of the things on your own. While the hotel will be able to give you a new view, great prices, and soft beds, it would be safer to do the other things on your own. Parking is one such thing. As a hotel safety tip, it is best if you park your vehicle instead of allowing the hotel valet to do it for you. Staying safe at hotels during COVID-19 is a priority and doing some of your work is essential.

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