In the 70s and 80s the Corporation was known as Chandigarh Small Industries Development Corporation. (CSIDC), In ……….. Chandigarh Industrial & General Development Corporation. One of its prime function was to construct industrial sheds for industries in Chandigarh. The corporation constructed sheds and allotted to entrepreneurs for 99 years on lease hold basis as per the policy of Chandigarh Administration.

The corporation had constructed and allotted 548 sheds at a cost of Rs.4.95 crores. Now, no such activity is being undertaken by the corporation.

Over the years, this responsibility of regulating the affairs of industrial sheds as per the policy of the Chandigarh Administration has been entrusted back to Estate Office except for few industrial sheds which are still being regulated as per the allotment conditions to original allottees/GPA holders.