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The Magic WOK - Chinese Speciality Restaurant

The City's gateway to an exotic, oriental world of cuisines and spices. From the land of China to the heart of City Beautiful, this 100 cover restaurant brings you the most famous trends of Szechuan Cantonese cuisine and seafood prepared in exotic herbs and spices with exquisite refinement, all presented in our contemporary and elegant rooftop restaurant with dishes like vegetable salt and paper and crispy lamb. Special combo meals during lunch hours are great hit with corporates and guests looking for quick hot piping meals. Chinese, Thai and mexican food festivals are very popular with upscale clientele.

The refined atmosphere and fabulous signature dishes make “The Magic Wok” a popular choice for both business traveller or romantic rendezvous. The beautiful restaurant is decorated with Chinese frescoes on the bedecked red and green pillars with ornate windows depicting bird’s eye view of Mountview’s green manicured lawns.

The light coloured upholstered seats recreate Chinese ambience and art with a dance floor at the centre and light orchestral music. The menu offers many courses, allowing guests to sample a variety of Chinese delicacies as either a starter or a main dish with authentic recipes and ingredients.