It is situated in Sector 3 in an area of about 20 acres. The natural Choe running through the valley starts from here. The garden is devoted to hundreds of bougainvillea varieties. The creepers cover a wide assortment of arches, bowers, pavilions and arcades. About 65 different varieties of bougainvillea shrubs are planted in this garden. A few flowering trees have also been planted to give a colourful effect during the gap of bougainvillea flowering time. It was started in 1976.


Many animal shapes created out of creepers and bushes attract children to the Topiary Park. A large variety of ornamental plants add to the park’s charm. It was started in 1987.


This space has been set aside to allow the people to plant trees in memory of the deceased. The resultant forest is intended to be a place of silence and remembrance. Smriti means "remembrance" and Upavan means "forest". This is a forest where every tree commemorates someone who is no more. It was formally inaugurated on 14/11/1988 when the then Adviser Sh. Ashok Pradhan planted a banyan tree in the memory of the first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru.


It is a vast stretch of land of about 400 acres, abutting the Secretariat building on its eastern side. On the southern side of the park are the residences of Chief Ministers and Ministers. Le Corbusier himself designed the landscape scheme of this park. Trees with round canopies and of evergreen foliage have been planted here, punctuated by a few groups of flowering species. It was started in 1954.

SHANTI KUNJ, Sector 16

The Shanti Kunj is situated between the Rose Garden and the Cricket Stadium in Sector 16 a stretch of the Leisure Valley..This is completely a noise free area with natural undulations and therefore aptly named Shanti Kunj. The natural stream running through this garden divides the park into 5 areas. The 5 parts of the garden depict different kinds of trees such as medicinal plants, vertical shaped trees, flowering trees, trees for shade and environmentally suitable trees.


Concrete paths wander over the gently rolling slopes of this park; they are laid out to form "roads and intersections" and furnished with all sorts of road signs. This place, safe from heavy speeding vehicles is useful for children who are learning to cycle, and designed to teach them the rules of road safety.

This area of the Leisure Valley in Sector 23 is famous for Amla trees. This garden was once planted with different varieties of cannas which could not be maintained because of the shortage of water. It is also known as the Canna Garden.