Morni Hills

The Morni hills are a delightful hillside destination just 45 km from Chandigarh.

These hills are an off-shoot of the Shivaliks and run in two parallel ranges from south-east to north-west. Between them, the ground is broken by projecting spurs. Through these valleys the river Ghaggar makes its way.
This resort at an altitude of 3,000 feet is a protected forest and a favourite spot for trekkers and nature lovers. Among the spurs of the hills, lie two lakes. The larger is about 550 metres long and 460 metres broad. The other lake is 365 metres either way. A small hillock divides the lakes, but there is some hidden connection between the two, as the water level of the two lakes remains the same. In the hills the remains of an old fort speaks of the history of the place. Locals tell us that the fort belonged to the Queen of Morni Hills. The upper crest of the hills are covered by pine trees. The climate is salubrious and the hills provide ample opportunities for trekking.
The chir pine is seen in abundance. Morni Hills is a perfect wilderness get-away where once can enjoy rock-climbing and trekking. The area abounds in deer, langur and rhesus monkeys, leopards and of course, peacocks. After all, Morni means "pea-hen." It has excellent hotels, including Mountain Quail run by the Haryana Tourism Corporation as well as a Forest Department Rest House and some small lodges. For water sports like boating, canoeing, kayaking and sailing, a minimum depth of 5 to 6 feet is required, which is also available in the lakes we see here.
The picturesque location of Morni hills, is an excellent retreat from maddening crowds and pollution. Crowned by pockets of pine trees, the hills look green and blue.