City Centre

The City Centre or Sector 17, as it is popularly called, is a juxtaposition of cuboid building blocks and open spaces. The piazzas liven up in the afternoon with the office crowds out to recharge themselves. In the evenings shoppers and tourists, enjoying ice creams or popcorns, sit on the steps of the "dove of peace" spout, where water cascades down from one level to another in geometrically shaped tanks, amidst delightful play of colourful lights. All the buildings in City Centre are four storeyed. Originally, Le-Corbusier wanted to raise some high rise buildings but influenced by the limitations of building materials and methods , a uniform four storey height was adopted for all the buildings. He, however, designed an eleven storey structure but it is yet to be built. 

Sector 17 is the hub of the town where important offices of Punjab, Haryana and UT such as Estate Office Chandigarh, Udyog Bhawan Punjab, Central Income Tax building, Accountant General Punjab building and Haryana Mini Secretariat apart from Chandigarh District Courts are located. 

Sector 17 is the biggest Shopping Centre of the city. One can find well stocked shops and variety of goods here. Most of the shops are air conditioned and shopping is a pleasure.